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First Entry, I guess...
So, I got myself an LJ account... and it seems that there are people here that I already know while I was traveling Sinnoh... so hey there everyone.

Last time I got involved into some sort of weird Christmas part with a lot of people at a certain place called BMGf... my username there is ノゾミ, katakana of my name, Zoey... well, it's Nozomi if read properly. Man that party is crazy...

Hey Dawn, how are ya doing, been training lately? I hope so, cause we still have to determine who is the best between us... :P

I should continue practicing my appeals for whatever Pokemon Contest is coming up. Better concentrate.

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Eeh? Zoey, you got one of these, too? Wow, I didn't know they were so popular.

Heh heh, I'll definitely want to watch if you and Dawn battle!

Oh hey Ash, how are you doing lately? Yeah, i got one of these after hearing Dawn had one... ;x

I hope that battle will be epic.

Zoey? Zoey! Oh my gosh, Zoey! It's so nice to see you here! Remember me? I'm May, from the Wallace Cup! How have you been? =3

Oh hey there May, indeed it has been a while, and well, nothing much is happening, except when I got back to Snowpoint City and met my sempai, Candice there... and I'm doing good now, training my Pokemon as always. :3

Ah, that's graet, how many ribbons you have so far? Competing in the Sinnoh Grand Festival soon?

I got 4 so far, only one more to go, and of course I will, me and Dawn have to settle things in the Grand Festival. =3

Ah, good luck to both of you! I'll be rooting for you guys from Jhoto! (Wait, I have my own Grand Festival to worry about. .___.)

Thanks, and I'll do the same... good luck... :3

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