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Life, as I see it...

Sempai's been bothering me with a lot of emails concerning Dawn these past few days... why Miss Candice? We can be friends and rivals at the same time, right? ;.; Oh, yeah, I met Miss Candice back when I was studying in a school in Snowpoint. Also, she knew about my secret involving Glameow and how I'm secretly taking care of it at the storage house in our school.

Not that it really matters, I'll still going to do my best and become a better coordinator... speaking of which, I wonder how that Nando dude is doing...

I need sleep.
Today's log for the day, and probably for people who want to read this also... I love my laptop for this.

Still training, although, I should give my Pokemon some rest, and start grooming them instead. I always loved doing that.

I haven't heard anything from Dawn lately. I wonder how she's doing...

May, teach that jerk a lesson, I can't believe he just ignored me when I was trying to teach him a thing or two while I met him for the first time. Argh. I also can't believe him having seen obscenities of my so-called harem, whut?

Okay, back to serious business.

First Entry, I guess...
So, I got myself an LJ account... and it seems that there are people here that I already know while I was traveling Sinnoh... so hey there everyone.

Last time I got involved into some sort of weird Christmas part with a lot of people at a certain place called BMGf... my username there is ノゾミ, katakana of my name, Zoey... well, it's Nozomi if read properly. Man that party is crazy...

Hey Dawn, how are ya doing, been training lately? I hope so, cause we still have to determine who is the best between us... :P

I should continue practicing my appeals for whatever Pokemon Contest is coming up. Better concentrate.


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