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I need sleep.
Today's log for the day, and probably for people who want to read this also... I love my laptop for this.

Still training, although, I should give my Pokemon some rest, and start grooming them instead. I always loved doing that.

I haven't heard anything from Dawn lately. I wonder how she's doing...

May, teach that jerk a lesson, I can't believe he just ignored me when I was trying to teach him a thing or two while I met him for the first time. Argh. I also can't believe him having seen obscenities of my so-called harem, whut?

Okay, back to serious business.

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We enjoyed your harem.

Gee, thanks. May is in it, recalling correctly. ;x

Yes, she is. I read it every night just for her.

Drew will hunt you down for sure... ;x

Him? Do you mean Paul? I'll try to talk to him. He's really not a bad guy deep down. Well, at least I think so. =< Wait, so you do have a harem? D8

Does Dawn have one of these? I think I might have seen her name around these parts.

I'm surely you can convince him otherwise. Maaybe? :P

Yeah, I know she does, she added me but I haven't seen her update. DX

What jerk would ignore such a beautiful young lady such as yourself? I wouldn't mind one-on-one lessons with you, miss!

Oh, he secretly looks into porno, you should ask him about it.

And no thanks, you should just stick with Croagunk... .___.;

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